Possum Removal Mount Barker

Get Rid Of Possums With Pest Control Mount Barker’s Help

It is time to say no to possum infestations with Pest Control Mount Barker’s help. We will help you get rid of possum problems at affordable prices. Our possum removal Mount Barker team can catch possums with eco-friendly tools and equipment without harming possums in any way according to all the Australian standards. You can ping our possum removal experts for high-standard possum removal services in Mount Barker. We will be happy to free your home from all the possum infestation atrocities.

Pick Us To Enjoy The Following Possum Removal Treatments

✔ Same day Possum Removal Mount Barker

We know possum can do a lot of trouble in your house. It is not just that they are harmful to your health but they are extremely notorious. These little animals can do a lot of damage to your property. From nibbling on electric wires to damaging your walls and floors., possums are capable of doing a lot of destruction. If the water is already up to your head then you can reach out to us for same-day possum control services.

✔ Domestic Possum Removal Mount Barker

People seem to think that possums are just destructive other than that they are harmless or it is not that big of a deal to have a possum infestation. The people who think like that are unaware of the fact that possum’s feces can cause flesh-eating ulcers. There are many other horrific diseases that possums can infect you with. So not take possum infestation lightly, reach out to us today for home possum control services.

✔ Restaurant Possum Removal Mount Barker

Do you know that exposure to the feces of possums can cause functional disability? Why would you let such a terrifying pest live in your restaurant where so many people eat their meals? Well, restaurants are supposed to be extremely sanitary, do not let these possums be harmful to the health of your customers. Feel free to come in touch with our possum removal Mount Barker team for restaurant possum treatment services.

✔ Possum Inspection and Removal Mount Barker

We want our customers to know that it is illegal to kill a possum in Australia. So, you can not just use commercial pest repellents or poison to get rid of possums. You will have to catch these animals, leave them far from your property and just pray that they do not visit your house again. Catching a possum can be dangerous, therefore, we are here to help you. Let the possum removal experts do the professional work.

✔ Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Mount Barker is a city full of possums. Every one in three households has had a possum infestation. To be on the safer side, we recommend our customers to get the property they want to purchase or they are about to move in inspected. An inspection will make you more aware of the chances of possum infestation or if you already have one. Do not worry about the money because we offer extremely affordable pre-purchase possum inspection services.

✔ Emergency Possum Removal & Control Services Mount Barker

If you just came across a possum infestation in your house and need these animals out of your house as soon as possible? Then you can touch base with us for emergency possum control services. Our possum catchers will safely remove all the possums from your property and block all the entry points to make sure that there is not another infestation any time soon. You can recruit our possum catchers 24 by 7.

You Can Reach Out To Our Possum Catchers 24 x 7

Pest Control Mount Barkar is the best possum control service provider because we make sure to be available for our customers no matter what the time on the clock conveys. There is no time barrier between our possum control services and our customers. They are free to give us a call on 08 7184 4000 and appoint our possum catchers any time they want. You can find us on the top of the best ‘possum control near me’ search list

The Most Common Types Of Possums That Can Infest Your Property In Mount Barker

There are majorly two types of possums that you can find on your property. To have a better knowledge of your enemy, refer to the below-written possum types.

  1. Ringtail Possum: These possums are of grey colour. However, their stomach is cream in colour. Additionally, they have some white spots under their eyes. Ringtail possums have a grabby tail which they use for stronger mobility. These possums have a white tip on their tails which makes them easily identifiable. The ringtail possums have extremely sharp teeth, they are shaped like fangs. This is why they are extremely scary. They can get approx 35-38 cm long.
  2. Brushtail Possums: As their name already suggests, these possums have furry tails. They are nocturnal so they can easily find their way to your house at midnight. Additionally, these creatures are local Australians. They thrive on leaves as well as small pests like rodents. Furthermore, these creatures can live on trees as well as on the grounds. So make sure to check for them on your backyard/front yard trees.

Reasons Why Picking Our Possum Removal Mount Barker Services Will Be The Right Decision

  • Safety Precautions: We follow all the safety precautions, we keep our clients safe from possum attacks. Additionally, we keep the possums safe as per Australian standards.
  • Top Quality Possum Removal: We always maintain a good quality possum removal service quality. We can assure you that you will not have any complaints after our service.
  • Long-Term Solution: We do not only catch and free your home from possums but we also make sure that they do not find their way back to your house by sealing all the entry points.
  • Damage Fixing: Our team fixes all the damage that possums have done.
  • Affordable Prices: Our price scheme is extremely competitive.
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Are possums dangerous to humans?

Yes, they might attack humans to defend themselves. Possums can cause some serious threats. So, it is highly advisable to take the help of professional possum catchers to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Do you kill possums?

No, we don’t kill possums as it is illegal. Thus, we remove them and leave them far away. We follow effective methods to safely remove them and not harm them or kill them.

Is your team experienced in catching possums in Mount Barker?

Yes, our team is well aware of the species of possums mostly found in Mount Barker. We have been doing this job for more than a decade now. So can rely on our team completely for all types of possum removal services.