Pest In Summer And Tips To Prevent Them

Summer is the season when people enjoy the beautiful evenings in their yard and leave kids to play outside. They spend the most time outdoors, on balconies, and it is that time of year when they have to deal with a surge in the insect population.

Read these summer pest control techniques if you don’t want pests to spoil your evenings and make your outdoors an unpleasant place for your family. In fact, according to pest control Mount Barker, if no action is taken to control these pests, they will only get worse with time.

What Are The Common Pests In Summer?

Some of the common pests that are more active during the summer season are:

  1. Bedbugs and mosquitoes
  2. Fruit flies and house flies
  3. All kinds of spiders
  4. Ants- carpenter ants, house ants, etc.
  5. Bees and wasp

What To Do To Prevent Common Types Of Pests In Summer?


During the summer, the most common insect you will observe is the fly. Try to cover your food and related stuff or store them in airtight containers. Leave no ripe fruit or leftover food for them to eat, and properly throw unnecessary items.


Mosquitoes breed in large numbers across your yard, playground, and water resources. Letting liquid collect somewhere is not a good idea during summer. Make sure you wear long sleeves and pants and apply insect repellent cream before heading outside. Prevent the entry point of mosquitoes by sealing holes and cracks and installing nets in windows.

Fire Ants

These ants prefer hot and sunny locations to breed. So, remember to store food tightly especially when you are going for picnics, and try to stay in cooler areas. Trim tree branches, bushes that are in the yard, and touching to walls of the house. Clean gutters regularly to stop them from breeding.

Bees And Wasps And Bedbugs

Bees wasp and bugs stings are highly allergic and can cause itching, rashes, and red patches on the skin. Sometimes these sting bites are deadly so it is advised not to handle bees or wasps on your own. If you find their nests around your home then contact a local apiary to remove them.

Pest Control Treatment During Summer

Here are the reasons why you need pest control treatment during the summer season:

  • To avoid food contamination and food poisoning.
  • The rise in temperature makes pests more active.
  • High moisture makes a favorable condition for pest survival.
  • Pests reproduce and increase their family size mostly during summer.
  • To save yourself from diseases and health risks associated with pests.

Whether you are outside, inside, or traveling during the summer season you have to be vigilant and take proper precautions to prevent major pests to grow during this season. Hire someone who knows all kinds of pests, how to deal with them, and provides the best pest control treatment to keep them away from your home.